10 Health Benefits of Crochet

Arts and crafts are more than just fun time pass activities. there a number of health benefits connected to crochet. This include physical, mental and emotional benefits. There are a number of ways they help with the mental bell being that can not be ignored. Crochet is a therapeutic activity that has so many health benefits from keeping you relaxed to toning down your day to day stress.

What is Crochet?

Crochet is a craft of creative a fabric or textile with a hook and thread or yarn. That word crochet comes from a French word that means a small hook.

Crochet creates a fabric with loops of threads. There are a number of different stitches that create beautiful and complex patterns and designs. Crochet has evolved over time and the origin is murky as there is no set evidence as to where it actually started. There are a lot of theories that are a topic of discussion in another blog.

Today we will focus mainly on the benefits of crochet. I have been crocheting for over 25 years now and I can be so sure about these benefits because I’ve experienced most of them first hand. All in all crochet as a hobby has made my life so much better in so many ways and pursuing it as a full time job is a cherry on top.

Let me talk about the specific benefits of taking crochet as a hobby.

1. It calms your mind and makes you feel happy

There was a survey done in 2018 on 8000 crocheters, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Wollongong Australia, 90% of crocheters reported feeling calmer. More than 80% also reported feelings of increased happiness. More than 70% of the crocheters said that it improved their memory and concentration. “The results from the survey show that crocheting provides many positive benefits for people in terms of wellbeing,” Dr. Burns.

2. It can reduce stress and help with depression

In 2014 a study conducted by the Craft Yarn Council found that more than 90% of knitters and crocheters specifically report reduced stress thanks to crafting. Plymouth Yarn Magazine explains that crafting is good for mental health because it requires mindfulness. When you crochet, you need to pay attention to each stitch and your stitch count.

Carol Hart who is an expert on serotonin believes that the repetitive motions of yarn crafting release serotonin. And repetitive motion form the basic of crochet so crochet has the effect of releasing serotonin that is a natural antidepressant.

3. It helps with insomnia

The easy, repetitive movements of crochet help relax the body and mind and help wind you down enough to go to sleep.

4. It can reduce anxiety

Again taking one of the studies from above. Plymouth Yarn Magazine explains how crochet helps achieve mindfulness. Being mindful means being present in the moment and realising what is actually around at present not what can be or what can not be. Anxiety is mainly due to the mind wandering uncontrollably and looking for trouble and problems that do not actually exist. And according to the Craft Yarn Council, crocheting helps to focus solely on the project in your hands and taking the mind of the worries that cause anxiety. Another on of the health benefit of crochet.

5. It gives you a sense of accomplishment

When you are able to crochet something from scratch that is pretty and useful you will feel wonderful and have a sense of accomplishment and this will make you feel confident as a benefit of crochet.

6. It can give you a sense of belonging

There are a large number of crochet communities out there that help, support and inspire. These are groups specifically formed to keep the creative juices flowing and have a place for exchange of ideas and inspirations. These communities are online as well as offline.

I also have such an exclusive Facebook community of different levels of crocheters. Here is the link in case you want to join:


7. It improves your focus and  helps you concentrate better

While crochet the mind has to be active and focused on the stitches, the hand movements and the stitch count and beginning and end of the rows and rounds. This helps you to practice concentration and focusing on one thing for a longer duration of time. Hence improving your focus as well as concentration span with time.

8. It helps you to break bad habits
It can be mindless eating or hours of mindless scrolling on the social media crochet can help you cut these down. Crochet will keep you busy enough to keep your mind off of scrolling on the phone or grabbing that snack that you don’t need.

9. It can boost self esteem

When you crochet and create any project that is useful or liftable that gives you a sense of accomplishment and improves your self confidence. All this helps boost your self esteem and makes you feel good and positive about yourself.

The last on on the list and my favourite

10. It can help you earn a livelihood

A few years back I would have laughed at this. It can be a side hustle a small additional income that is understandable. But my main source of income? No kidding it is now. I’ve left my job as the principle of one of the pre primary schools here in the city and am now pursuing crochet full time. And I am not exaggerating today I earn double that salary. Also it is important to mention that I am just starting out. There are so many ways to earn though crochet. Here are a few of the streams that you can look into if you want to start a business with crochet:

  • Sell finished crochet products. The list of this goes very long. you can sell so many different crochet projects- Blankets, scarves, jewellery. home decor etc.
  • Sell crochet patterns- You can design and write crochet patterns and sell them as digital downloads. I will be doing a blog soon on how to write a crochet pattern. Stay tuned for update on it.
  • Take crochet classes and teach crochet online as well as offline.

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